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What is TLQAA+?

The Erasmus+ TLQAA+ project, "Programme Evaluation for Transparancy and Recognition of Skills and Competences" is a three year project that aims at setting the ground for the evaluation of academic programmes in the Lebanese Higher Education and at further developing a national qualifications framework. The main idea is to combine quality and relavance of academic programmes to better serve the students, the higher education and the society in general. It also deals with issues like recognition and quality assurance of non traditional learning methods. The project consortium includes 23 partners from Europe and Lebanon but is open to associate institutions and individual experts in some of its activities. It started on October 15, 2016.

Please download the TLQAA+ book: Relevance and Quality in Higher Education Programmes (en, fr)

Presentation on Integrated Tertiary Education

A seminar has been organised in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding Qualifications Framework. This was supported by Lebanon Erasmus+ Office and the Lebanese HEREs. As a satellite event, a session on integrated tertairy education was exclusively organised by the Erasmus+ HEREs. The event took place on 25-26 June 2018. In the following a presentation given at this occasion which links integrated tertiary education and LQF.

roundtable 1

After a year of work in the project, a national roundtable is organised in the Ministry (12th floor) on 14 November 2017 to present to the different stakeholders the major results achieved so far in the project and to collect their feedbacks on several choices related to:


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