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WP1. LQF, Descriptors and Global Indicators

The objectives of the workpackage are twofold: updating the first draft of the Lebanese Qualifications Framework (LQF) as defined in the European Training Foundation project and defining descriptive indicators starting from the ones suggested in the previous TLQAA project. These indicators are very useful for any evaluation process and for the strategic planning at both the institution and sector levels.
The partners shall compare some of the existing programmes against the drafted LQF in the ETF project. These experiments shall permit the project partners experiment the LQF tools and to adjust the descriptors, if needed, to better fit the sector needs. This shall also be the occasion to have an input from the labour market about the tool. A document describing the updated LQF and the experimented programmes shall be produced and made available for discussion in the roundtable.
The Lebanese Higher Education system lacks a formal process allowing collecting descriptive indicators about the performance of the individual institutions and their programmes. These descriptive indicators provide important reference points for both institutional and programmatic evaluation. Their definition, their format, the specification of the channels of collect, the frequency of collect and their privacy are challenging issues that need to reach a consensus. The TLQAA project has proposed a set of such indicators. Starting from those indicators the present workpackage aims at finalizing the set of descriptive indicators taking into account the diversity of the Lebanese Higher Education and the constraints of the different institutions. It shall also propose possible formats, channels and frequency of collecting those indicators. Assuring security and privacy of such information is a real concern that will be taken into consideration.

Lead organisations: LAU (D. Nauffal), ULB (S. Canter)
Participating organisations: CIEP, HSO, DGHE, LU, NDU, USF, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 15 October 2017


  • Update and experiment the first draft of the Lebanese QF and provide an updated version
  • Perform a bibliographical study of the similar descriptive indicators in different European and regional systems including their formats and the process of collecting them, in addition to the previous project TLQAA indicators
  • Survey the Lebanese Higher Education Institutions about their ability to use the LQF and to provide the proposed indicators and the possible constraints
  • Draft a first set of descriptive indicators. This draft shall also cover their formats, the collect process and frequency and, security and privacy aspects
  • Organize a national roundtable where the updated LQF and the proposed indicators shall be discussed
  • Based on the feedback from the roundtable produce a first release of the LQF and the set of indicators.