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WP3. Recognition, NQF and QA

The link between Recognition, NQF and QA is a topic of major concern. It actually relates the concepts of quality to relevance, and both are crucial to have the higher education serving better its purpose. The issue is multifaceted and deals with delicate issues such as finding the balance between the present need and the future developments, a better readability of degrees, or the balance between the needs between the local, regional and international labour markets etc. NQF is a major tool in this regard. ENIC-NARIC network is another important tool delivering transparent information that serves the recognition both locally and internationally. This workpackage is central to the foundation of the project.
The workpackage shall review the literature in this domain and will propose structures, channels for dialogue and communication networks. The partners shall investigate how some of the structures can be implemented in the frame of the present project and what is necessary in terms of internal and external evaluation processes to better consider those issues.

Lead organisations: LU (Z. Saad), CIEP (B. Curvale)
Participating organisations: UL, ENQA, DGHE, USEK, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 15 December 2017


  • Perform a bibliographical study of the quality issues related to recognition and the role of qualifications frameworks
  • Prepare a first set of recommendations
  • Finalize the recommendations after feedback to be collected during the first national roundtable