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WP4. Building Internal Quality Assurance Units

Internal quality assurance is a major building block of a quality culture in higher education. Several Lebanese institutions have already an operating internal quality assurance system. Other institutions are in a developing stage. The objectives of this workpackage are twofold: producing a guide on how to build and develop a higher education institution internal quality system and, supporting several partners in developing their systems so to be operational for the pilot evaluation. The guide must cover a definition of quality assurance, evaluation and review of a programme as well as the profile of an internal QA system and its connection to governance and decision making. A short online course shall also be developed in line with the guide. The European partners shall provide references and advice to their Lebanese colleagues who will have to produce the guide and short course. The guide and the corresponding short course shall be open to all the higher education institutions even if not partners in the project. A study tour shall be organized to the Lebanese partners allowing them to observe how internal QA systems are operating in the European partners institutions. Afterwards, the different Lebanese partners shall profit from the good practices cited or observed to further develop their own systems.

Lead organisations: ANECA (R. Llavori), USJ (N. Moghaizel Nasr)
Participating organisations: UL, ULB, UAl, UB, LU, AUB, LAU, MUT, USF, UAn, IUL, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 15 March 2018


  • Produce a guide and a short online course on building and developing an internal QA system
  • Study visit to observe how IQA is operating in the European partner institutions
  • Develop the internal QA system in the Lebanese partner universities