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WP5. Core Standards and Procedures for the Evaluation of Programmes

This workpackage aims at defining the standards and procedures for external quality assurance (QA) at the programmatic level. It starts by study of existing standards and guidelines in Europe and at the international level. The outcomes of WP1, WP2 and WP3 shall be considered as well as the institutional standards and procedures of previous TLQAA project.
As satellite of the launching ceremony several training seminars shall be organized on topics like Learning Outcomes, Diploma Supplement, Qualifications Framework. After that discussion will start on the core standards and guidelines to be developed.
Based on the discussions, a first draft of core standards and procedures shall be proposed. This draft will be simulated on several programmes’ cases from the Lebanese partners’ institutions. The relevance of the programmes can be measured when projected on a QF. The first draft of the Lebanese QF will be used for this purpose. The first draft of standards and procedures will also have to respect the international regulations and standards (new ESG). It will be submitted to the different stakeholders nationwide and a roundtable will be organized to collect their comments and suggestion. A new round of study and discussion on the basis of the collected comments will permit to finalize the set of standards and procedures that would be advertised in Lebanon and in the regional and international QA agencies and networks. Some papers will be also written and submitted to journals and conferences.

Lead organisations: AUB (K. El Hassan), UB (Z. Mazouz)
Participating organisations: CIEP, UL, ENQA, HCERES, UL, BAU, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 15 January 2018


  • Survey of existing standards and procedures
  • Drafting a first set of standards and procedures
  • Roundtable and discussion
  • Final set of standards and procedures