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WP7. Standards for Health and Life Sciences Programmes

Same as WP6 but for health and life sciences programmes.
This workpackage adapts the results of 5.1 and 5.3 for health and life sciences programmes. The workpackage leader shall try with the support of the project management and the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists to involve professional bodies in this specialization of standards. Here also the role of a NQF is important. It is worth noting that the health and life sciences programmes to be involved are chosen at the beginning of this workpackage.

Lead organisations: BAU (H. Nakkash), UL (S. Goulin)
Participating organisations: UB, LU, LAU, USEK, USF, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2017
End date: 15 March 2018


  • Customize the core standard in order to be used in the evaluation of life sciences programmes
  • Discuss the results in roundtable 2 (organized specifically for this purpose)
  • Finalize the Health and Life Sciences standards and procedures