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WP9. Selection and Training of Experts

This workpackage consists in selecting and training the local experts to be able to conduct external evaluation at the programmatic level. Clear criteria for the selection of the experts will be first adapted from TLQAA. The partners shall be requested to nominate candidates. Then, the selection process is conducted. In parallel, training materials will be adapted. Once selected, the experts will be first trained locally. Then, they will go for study tours in Europe.

Lead organisations: ENQA (M. Kelo), USF (M. El Deek)
Participating organisations: CIEP, UL, ULB, UA, UB, HSO, HCERES, ANECA, DGHE, UL, USJ, AUB, LAU, BAU, USEK, NDU, MUT, UAn, IUL, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 February 2018
End date: 15 October 2018


  • Define the selection criteria and select the experts
  • Prepare the training materials
  • Train the selected experts locally
  • Organize and conduct study tours in the Europe