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WP10. Pilot Evaluation of Selected Programmes

This workpackage covers the application of standards and procedures for the evaluation of several Lebanese Programmes. This is a two phase process. The Lebanese universities shall first select at least one programme (the LU will select 3) and perform self study. During this phase the Lebanese universities may count on the support of the European partner. Phase 2 is dedicated to the pilot evaluation where committees formed mainly from Lebanese partners will site visit the programmes for external reviews. European partners will play the role of observers.

Lead organisations: HCERES (F. Pernot), UOB (C. Mokbel)
Participating organisations: CIEP, UL, ULB, UA, UB, HSO, HCERES, ANECA, DGHE, UL, USJ, AUB, LAU, BAU, USEK, NDU, MUT, UAn, IUL, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 February 2018
End date: 15 March 2019


  • Self-study
  • Pilot evaluation