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WP12. Dissemination

This workpackage aims at disseminating the results and outcomes of the project. Several activities are conducted in this domain. A launching ceremony is organized at the beginning of the project. It aims to set the project and validate its legitimacy. This ceremony is accompanied with satellite training seminars on tools like, learning outcomes, diploma supplement and qualification framework.
At least 2 roundtables will be organized and corresponding flyers and documents will be prepared. A final conference will be organized and a book will be written to summarize the experience.

Lead organisations: MUT (S. Halimi), CIEP (B. Curvale)
Participating organisations: UL, ULB, UA, UB, HSO, ENQA, HCERES, ANECA, DGHE, UL, USJ, AUB, LAU, BAU, USEK, NDU, USF, UAn, IUL, ALI, UOB

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 14 October 2019


  • Launching ceremony
  • Final conference
  • Book
  • Website