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WP13. Project Management

This part deals with the administrative part of the project. An administrative person will be in charge of the support all along the project especially that travels will be managed centrally by the applicant.
Management structure is in two levels: Workpackage level and Project level. The workpackage level lead partner is responsible for the workpackage and reports to the project management team formed of the applicant, the DGHE, the CIEP, ENQA, the HCERES and the Lebanese University.
If a benchmark of a workpackage indicates or the workpackage leader expresses a delay in the execution, a management meeting is held (using Internet or telephone conference) and it may be decided to extend the workpackage and redistribute the resources on a case by case situation. If no solution could be found the EACEA will be informed.
The management team is in direct connection with the quality control of the project.
The project requests from the steering board, within the management workpackage, to assume the task of formalizing the Lebanese network of QA experts as non formally formed at the end of TLQAA. For this purpose several partners have been associated to the management in order to complete this task.
The steering committee of the project shall also try to find sustainability solutions to continue the effort beyond the end of the project. Although sustainability is assured normally by the targeted Lebanese Agency, however, alternative solutions have to be envisaged in case the Agency would not have been created by the end of the project.

Lead organisations: UOB (C. Mokbel), CIEP (B. Curvale)
Participating organisations: UL, ENQA, HCERES, ANECA, DGHE, LU, USJ, AUB, LAU, BAU

Start date: 15 October 2016
End date: 14 October 2019


  • Formalize the network of Lebanese QA experts
  • Manage the project and assure a timely execution with high quality results
  • Find solutions for sustainability